Welcome Back to Dansique Fitness! Today I'm bringing you to the place I consider my "happy place," for a complete full body HIIT Workout....

The Most Insane Backyard Calisthenics Park Transformation! (Indoor/Outdoor)


Outdoor Exercise Ideas.mpg

Kelowna Fitness Coach shows you a number of challenging exercises that can be done outdoors with no equipment required. For more tips on training,...

Backyard Circuit Workout MoveStrong Functional Fitness

A circuit of bodyweight and functional fitness exercises with MoveStrong equipment. Just a sample of the many exercises and versatility with the MoveStrong ... source

Easy to Harder Bar Body Weight Workout (20 Exercises)

Easy to Harder Bar Body Weight Workout (20 Exercises) Calisthenics Outdoor Routine Training This video follows 10 beginner bar workout plaques set up at...

Top 10 Wall Exercises : Extreme Outdoor Workout Ideas

Buy AXFIT Workouts: In this video I demonstrate 10 Wall Exercises. These exercise ideas you can do on any wall - in your...

Outdoor Gym Workout | Flex Friday with Trainer Mike

Make the great outdoors your super-sized fitness field with this fat-burning outdoor gym workout. Trainer Mike is at the outdoor gym in Boise,...

Green Workout: Outdoor Fitness Plan

Follow this fitness plan to get a killer workout in the outdoors. Check out the complete plan including downloadable PDF here ... source

Under-the-Sun Workout: Strength Circuits for Outdoor Exercise

When the weather is nice, take your routine outside to your local park or playground to do this super strength workout. Following a walk...

Outdoor Full Body Fitness Workout | 10-Minute

Subscribe: On today's episode of Outdoor Fitness Workout, fitness trainer Naja Coric IBFF Pro shows you excellent outdoor exercises for ... source

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